Rise Up or Shrink Away.

The battle of modern day slavery is growing and we must rise to meet it or shrink away and allow it to consume millions more.

When we first entered the battle of modern day slavery and child sex trafficking, our community of friends was shocked.  Not at our entry but by the extent of the atrocity.  Now, nearly 4 years in, the atrocity is growing rapidly.  The US statistic for 2017 was up a whopping 13% (Polaris Project).  Where the Gospel is largely absent or silent, this plague appears to be growing even faster.


Missions is about sharing the Gospel.  The Gospel is about changing lives.  Changed lives don’t enslave others.  The formula is simple on the surface.  But the work is far from simple or over in the field.  Look at the picture, this plague has become widespread even in the US.  Can we simply pretend it is only “over there”?

We offer our deepest thanks to you our supporters for making it possible for us to work to change the circumstances of modern day slavery and specifically child sex trafficking. Teaching those who are most vulnerable to become teachers instead of victims and owners of honorable businesses instead of sellers of humans. We cannot be here doing this unless you are there at our backs.  You sending is as valuable a link as us going.  There is just no way we can secure an income from the already impoverished people we work beside for their advancement.  So whatever sacrifice you are making to engage with us please know that the impact is powerful and you have our most sincere appreciation.  Spread the word about what YOU are doing to fight back.  Begin to be identified as a modern day abolitionist.

Host an Awareness event this summer in your church, community or neighborhood.  Be observant in your community.  Report suspicious activity.  Set captives free!  Join us in this fight for our sons, daughter and grandchildren.

“Speak and act as those who will be judged by the law of freedom  (James 2:12 HCSB)”

We did not casually enter into this battle.  We knew it would be hard, at times ugly, at times beautiful but always right.  We knew we were leaving behind secure and familiar circumstances – safety, but we knew it was right to fight for those bound in slavery.

Is this your battle too?  Join us by clicking here

For more information on hosting an Awareness Event:  pete.livingston@gmail.com

For information of distributing products made through victim/at risk community work programs:  pete.livingston@gmail.com

To view and purchase goods directly, visit Made27


Hitting “Reset”

Pete & Debbie Livingston

Hitting reset.  Then what?  It is what we get to do.  Human trafficking does not simply end with “reset”.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”  (Matthew‬ ‭28:19 ESV‬‬)

I have come to realize that in many places where we send people to “go and tell and make disciples”, where we work now thanks to a slew of supporters, the hearers need a lot of mentoring to shift from being hearers to being trusters and doers.

This step is not automatic. Nurturing and mentoring is needed.  Is this not the role of believers and the church to new believers?   What if the church has little generational depth in believing and following?  This is where the missionary who is sent steps in.  Encouragers who help new believers hit “reset” in their lives.

I have learned that when you teach someone to hit the “reset” button they will need to know the hows and be mentored in the new way as it unfolds.  There is no familiar path and very few to follow or lead the way.

“…. teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”   ‭‭(Matthew‬ ‭28:20‬ ‭ESV‬‬)

Hitting “reset” in American culture affords many opportunities through churches, small groups, para church groups and multiple resources for the new believer to become  trusters and doers.

Hitting “reset” in a foreign culture does not often afford the same support groups and materials.  Except when there are “senders, supporters and goers” who can become the resources for the new start.

Our focus is those lost, trapped and often unseen in the world of human trafficking.   When they decide they want to to reset their lives the things they must shed are often dark, heavy and so discouraging that hitting reset will only begin a loop back in a very short time.  Sustaining the reset takes mentors.

That is what we get to do.   Set the captives free and walk with them in “reset mode”.

We say thank you to our senders, supporters who make it possible for us to be goers and mentors.

We pray 2018 will bring Good News to those around you. Help someone hit “reset” in their life.

If you are interested in helping to end modern human trafficking, we would love to have you on our support team.  Visit our donor page at Click  here  

4 Steps Forward

Changing their own lives.  Working to change a sex-trafficking culture.  In this quick video we give a glimpse of the first steps forward to enter honorable work.  All for the well-being of their families and communities. Catch this short video and see a sample of what we do.

Poverty to sustained income.  Slavery to Freedom. Lost to the Truth.

If you support our work, this is a grand day with a big step and you are helping it happen.  If you are not yet a supporter, please consider joining the team with your sustaining support.  Click here for tax deductible giving.

Who’s teaching whom?

Today I told those 8 eager faces (my Cambodian teachers) that we were going to study the ខួរក្បាល (in English this means brain).  Four times a week I tuk tuk out to a local village to lend my love and support to 8 elementary teachers who range from ages 16-27 and minister to 145 students 3-year-old until 2nd grade.   Two are currently in Cambodian university, 2 have not completed high school and ALL have no teacher training.   This has been my most daunting task since arriving in Phnom Penh almost 3 years ago.  While this is my fourth round of teaching at schools, it never gets easier.  As I first walk onto their school sites, most have NOTHING!  Few supplies, cramped spaces, untrained personnel, very little English, but one thing I have consistently seen in all 4 schools I have worked in:  A RADICAL LOVE FOR JESUS AND CHILDREN!  This passion brings me to my knees every time as they pour out their untrained hearts (both in educational models and Biblical understanding) in changing the landscape for Cambodian children.  

In this, they are my heroes.  They teach me.  

To encourage educational growth and stimulation, I taught my teachers this…

1. Teachers need to help their students by stimulating brain growth (I called it “exercising their brains”).   Children need to exercise their brains to boost cognitive performance, memory and thinking.  Just as I said these things, a lightbulb went on over my head.  

Duh!  This applies to my 62-year-old self.  You try learning a new language at 60.  You try navigating impossible traffic in Cambodia. You try driving a moto for the first time.  You try teaching teachers with absolutely nothing but what I create.  You try teaching Biblical applications to non-Bible readers.  After “liberation” day from the Khmer Rouge in 1979, there were only a few hundred Christians left and 3 pastors!  The whole Bible was not translated into Khmer until 1954, thus Biblical illiteracy is widely evident.   Most don’t own a Bible!  Yet, the few stories they know, they teach.  They pray.  They fast.  They attend church faithfully.  They worship.  

These are my heroes.  They teach me.  

2.  Teachers need to help their students by creating new and exciting challenges for them.  (Instead of doing things the same old way, change it up!  Get creative!)  Hmmmm….

Duh!  Again, this applies to my 62-year-old self.  When God saw in His good mercy to give us a passion for human trafficking, he gave us a whole new work.  In 40 years of marriage, we have had many exciting new experiences:  parenthood, marriage ministry, adoption, 10 moves).  But who gets a new call to go half way around the world at 60 to fight the atrocity of child sex trafficking in Cambodia?   He knew what we needed.  What a challenge! We pray daily for creativity in reaching the lost here and rescuing and restoring as many children as possible.   As I watch these precious teachers really try to be creative and change it up, I am challenged as well.  

These are my heroes.  They teach me.  

In this season of giving, if you would like to contribute a teaching item to our precious school, please click on the following Amazon Wishlist link and choose an item:  

If you would like to support the ongoing work we do in Asia and America to fight trafficking of children, we would be honored to have your support.  Tax-deductible Donation here.

Christmas shopping that changes lives





Our market partner, Made27 is proud to announce our new line of wrapped bracelets.

These beauties measure almost a meter long and wrap five times. At $35 these make an excellent gift.

What a pleasure to work with these Asian Artisian’s who work towards a better life for themselves while sharing the gospel in their communities.  Your purchase changes their lives.

The pressures that lead to human trafficking mount quickly when education is poor and jobs don’t exist.  Selling one child to feed the rest is an atrocity but becomes understandable on a level of desperation only understood by those who live it.


Your purchases support their work to change their lives and regain a future.

To purchase visit Made27.com!


For information incurablefanatics.org

Helping folks help themselves works!

Helping folks help themselves works!

Tha’s why we do it.

Subject: To our supporters & friends

As supporters and interested groups, you deserve to know about our work and our projects. We remain focused on programs and communities actively engaged or highly prone to child trafficking.  Prevention, Recovery and Rehabilitation remain our primary driving purposes because we believe human trafficking is more than a social cause, we believe it is a Gospel cause.

Please, allow me a quick summary of how our mission works. We are decidedly Evangelical and SBC grounded and work largely with similarly aligned and planted Cambodian church leaders. Our visas are thru a locally organized NGO. Being a local based NGO we have great latitude and less government interference. This is a joy to us. While many other groups are facing increasing government interference, we are not. So, we take advantage of this opportunity and open door while it is still open.

We do not “fund” ongoing work. We have no employees. We have no buildings. We work into communities thru the local church and local Christian leaders. The “work” is theirs to own and we simply mentor. For example, many NGOs have opened schools, have large staff commitments and building upkeep (and now more government interference). We mentor local people to become the teachers in their own schools. We teach teachers. On the business side, many NGOs have opened workshops and small factories and employ workers which now results in significant overhead and more recently, government interference. We instead, mentor entrepreneurs who own and operate their own businesses and we help them commercialize their product outside their village, and outside their country.  Products based on materials they can source and labor they can hire from their village.

We believe this presents a sustainable model. Marketplace Missions is a term now being tossed around as a model that fits third world missions. We have been at it for over 3 years. We believe it works.

Therefore, our budget is small and primarily involves our support on the field and travel to conduct our work. Our Advisory Board approved budget is about $70,000 per year for everything: Ministry materials, living allowance, insurance, vehicle rental/maintenance/fuel, travel, government documents (visa, permits, drivers license, taxes), phones, internet, and ongoing language training/assistance.

These are our current in country needs:

* Media. Development of a series of short video clips and interviews with victims/ at- risk workers telling their story of recovery, reintegration, and the power of the Gospel in changing their lives. Also cultural context video for “B” roll
* ESL training. Participate in ESL training both as “Train the teacher” and in actual evening classrooms in churches. Specifically methods of instruction for teachers and phonics in classrooms
* Graphic design training. Making fliers, promotional handbills, etc several enterprises we are developing involve the sale of local services such as travel/tour operators. Design of promotional materials is rather rudimentary. Printing is cheap here but design is challenging.
* Teacher workshops. Instructional methods in a classroom. Teachers here rarely have a solid educational background themselves. Private schools are financially out of reach for most people and government schools are poor. We assist villages in training locals by weekly training classes and holding centralized multi day conferences in the city.
* Sewing. Simple pattern use and design for beginners and intermediate
* Jewelry design. Simple Pinterest styles and YouTube styles of cord and beads. Training also for what designs are more desirable in US markets.
* Financial planning. Home budgeting and small business budgeting. As income develops there is very little thought beyond spend. Savings is a foreign concept and debt becomes a trap as it becomes available.

In US needs
*. Continue brand awareness for Made27 and develop retail placements for items made in village development programs.
*. Bring together a network of churches recognizing and willing (dare I say desiring) to enhance awareness in the US of this issue not merely as a social issue but more importantly as a Gospel issue.

Seems like a bunch of stuff. I hope this continues to be a fit. If you know a group interested in working with us in any of these areas, please help connect us with them.

Interested? Engage   If you already support us with donations that support this work ongoing, we express our deep appreciation.  If you have not yet joined us with a donation, please, as you are able, donate here. 



McIntyre Law joins the cause

We appreciate our business partners who engage to fight this battle.  This is a solid law firm with a commitment to help everyday folks. Thank you McIntyre Law for putting your significant influence into ending moder day sex slavery – wherever it occurs.

Are you a business owner?  Join the fight to end human trafficking and show your customers/clients/community you have engaged in this cause.

9 states 17 different beds 32 presentations and One True God

Two weeks before heading back to the US for a 3-month furlough, I received the diagnosis of a needed total hip replacement.  Unable to change hundreds of details: flights, plans, graduations, meetings, and events I limped with pain through the past 3 months.

We call it the Livingston US Bed tour.

This is how strongly we feel the US needs to hear about the atrocity of child sex trafficking around the world.

We visited 9 different states and dozens of churches where we met amazing people of God and churches who were unaware of this thing called human trafficking.  Oh, they’d heard of it but felt helpless to do anything about it.

We slept in 17 different beds:  good ones, bad ones, lumpy ones, cold ones, opulent ones.  Nothing like the humbling experience of waking up night after night wondering “where am I” or “which way is the bathroom”?

We conducted 32 human trafficking awareness events where we were able to share the Gospel through our work in Cambodia and how God is sustaining us through His Word by His Spirit.  We’ve met in churches, living rooms, kitchens, coffee shops, auditoriums, offices and restaurants.

“And Jesus went out…”

I cannot tell you how many people jokingly say to us, “Wow you’re on a 3-month vacation!”  I wish.

Yes, we got to spend time with our families.  We attended a son’s graduation, moved two of our now adult children to new jobs, visited with Mom, celebrated 8 family birthdays and anniversaries (something we do not get to do when living overseas), had our annual trek to Siesta Key, ate so many good meals our guts are longing for Cambodia and worshiped many times in our own language.

But we are in the US for the Kingdom of God on Earth not our earthy pleasures.

We desperately long for Jesus to be known in every heart.
We desperately long for the end of human trafficking.
We desperately long for children to be protected and cherished.
We desperately long for women to be valued as God created them.
We desperately long for traffickers to repent of their wicked ways.
We desperately long for governments to protect the innocent.
We desperately long for the church to rise up and set the captives free.
We desperately long for the return of the King…

“For in just a very while, ‘He who is coming will come and will not delay’”.  (Hebrews 10:37)

And so we return to our beloved Cambodia on August 1 and again return to fight the fight.

And get a new hip.  Pray for me 😊



What does it mean?

There are an estimated 27 million people trapped in modern day slavery, some estimates are as high as 40 million. Who can know the real number? Even at the low end of 27 million, this is higher than at any time in the history of man. This is incredible. This is incredulous. How can this be in a day with more education, more technology, more “enlightened” thinking?

It is happening because so few people are moved to act. There are many who gasp, cry and shrink away not wanting to imagine the life of a modern day slave but few are willing to find their own path to ACT. Please be among those who ACT.

FREE27.ORG is a gateway for those who want to support the work of Modern Day Abolitionists, Pete & Debbie Livingston and their work in Asia and the US to create opportunities for victims to get out and for others to help. Your tax deductible donation | DONATE HERE | through the 501(c)3 organization, IOM (International Outreach Ministries) will go right to work in educational programs that are transforming high risk communities and vocational opportunities for those who desire an honorable life. If there are not opportunities on the recovery side of escape to gain education and honorable employment then escape only means starvation and certain death or re-entry in the “care” of trafficking handlers.

An amazing 80% of the victims are women and 50% children, yes, children. Those least capable of helping themselves are those most vulnerable and those that we, INCURABLE FANATICS seek your support to help.

We are pleased to have McIntyre Law engage with us in his battle.  They count freedom as a cause worth their commitment.  Contact McIntyre Law for your legal representation.  They are great folks.

This can be ended. Don’t turn away. Find your way to act. Engage locally and worldwide.
1. Search the internet for human trafficking organizations in your city and state.

2. Offer support through your church or business. Become a place of hope for those who need just a glimmer.

3. Today, you can DONATE through this portal and begin your involvement.
Cry for a moment, engage for a life!